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V-Tec (often known as V0ci-Tec), A corporation bent on economic superiority among all other fortune 5 billion companies, their goal is to advance the scientific pursuits of mankind and dominate the Military, Political, and Economic fields of the world.


November 1996 V-Tec begins investing 20 million dollars into military development in Wing Industries.
November 27th, 1996 Developement of the ChaosKillerX1 begins.
December 25th, 1999 First known public mention of V-Tec.
January 12th, 2001 Release of ChaosKillerX1, and the official start of the ChaosKillerX series.
April 7th, 2003 Development of the first Posiden Experimental Eviorment Housing Underwater (P.E.E.H.U.)
May 6th, 2008 Release of the ChaosKillerX1.
December, 2011 General Herbert Bardeen of C.O.H.R divises the plans for The V-Tec Research Facility.
July 20th, 2012 Completion of Port Crimson. (Posiden-1)
August 4th, 2012 Begining construction on The V-Tec Research Facility.
August 7th, 2012 Server not updated with WorldGuard, Port Crimson becomes only viable option for sustianible life.
September 24th, 2023 Release of the ChaosKillerX10 model, last model with Timetravel capabilities, though developers forgot to add spell check.
October 15th, 4523 Start of The Great Mushroom War.


  • CEO - Mr. Voci
  • Head of Scientific Research - GHBADEF
  • Head of Security - Silencer903
  • Head of Defense - LeGitxSmiley
  • Reconassaince - Cpl. Sickhound
  • Chief Mech Engineer - Dr_BawlznCock
  • Mech Captain Engineer - Cpt_Volto
  • Pvt. First Class - Njsandbag
  • Pvt. - Gurditx
  • Intern - Hintugo


On Monday October 1st, 2012 a heat fluxuation was picked by a DTA satellite. Claimed to a unidentified flying object to the public, but in actuallity it was a V-Tec solar fluxuation device in mid orbit. This object overload the solar systems sun and forced it to rise to uninhabitable heats. The land was scortched and the nights we're nuclear cold. The real reason for this was for V-Tec to sell underground vaults at a price of 64 leather. Thinking that leather was valuable they set the price. Later on Mr. Voci was informed by Wingzaber, CEO of Wing Industries that leather was useless, and unfortunately the apocalypse was a failed experiment. But on the 8th of October by some odd will the land regenerated to green fertile ground. The apocalypse was soon forgotten....

V-Tec OperationsEdit

  1. Operation: Scrotched Eyes - A recon mission led by Cpl. Sickhound to recover iron and other materials ordered by the CEO to maintain a fluent level of stored materials. - Members: Mr. Voci, Cpl. Sickhound. Head of Sec Silencer, The Freeman, and Chief Bawlzncock.
  2. Operation: End - A team of V-Tec recon soldiers fell upon alien ruins in January 2012. A ring of strange material was found, and V-Tec researchers brought it to V-Tec-1. GHBADEF pondered over it for many months, and more pieces of the ring were found over the years. GHBADEF assembled it, and after searching many ancient texts, decided it was related to the endermen. To this day, V-Tec believes that they are close to creating a "Stargate" of some sort. 
  3. Operation: Merkle Boots- After Cpl. Sickhound was captured by an upstart group of slavers operating under the name of "Paradise Hills". Through an headset he was able to smuggle in he contacted GHBADEF and hatched a amazing plan. After waiting some time to see what the slavers were up to Cpl. Sickhound called in on the microphone to initiate the operation. After the call was issued GHBADEF charged into the slavers camp killing all of these Cruel overlords (and some of the slaves.....) and freed the captured Cpl. Sickhound. Because of these event Cpl. Sickhound is now known for yelling "NAM" and running into the wilds.
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