Unknown End Teaser Trailer

Unknown End Teaser Trailer

The trailer for the new series


8/19 - Hey Guys my names PaladinV0ci, im the main article contributer on this page. If your reading this thank you for visitng the Dream Team Wikia, feel free to have a look around! AL RULES!!

BTW My dick is fuggin rock solid RIGHT NOW!!!

Yo Dawggz! Here's the D.W.A. WikiaEdit

So here's some starter information, D.W.A. stands for Dreamers With Attitude. It can be taken somewhat as a joke from the rap group N.W.A... Not going to say what that stands for. We consist of 8 people. We make videos on Youtube and stuff.


One day as I was spreading butter all over my plump butt cheeks I came all over my floor, that spawned us all, making our group

Where To Find UsEdit (AlChestBreach) (PaladinV0ci) (Twar97) (Joe) (Darziak) (George/Vyper08) (Cameron/Monkeycan8)

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