The DreamTeam Army was founded on August 8th, 2012 under the leadership of Ten Star Brigadier General ChaosKillerX7. Their first purpose was to serve as a personal tool for King Twar and fight the Anti-DreamTeam, today that mission has evolved into being the server's sole protector and the army that enforces the will of King Twar.


  1. All members are bound to the DTA by life until the DTA releases them from service.
  2. No DTA member may kill another nor engage in a feud without consent of a Council Member.
  3. No DTA member may join another faction so long as they are bound in service to the DTA.
  4. The DTA and its members shall only execute orders that are given from Council Members.
  5. The DTA enforces only the will of the server and their leader, King Twar97.


King Twar97 rules over the DTA and has ultimate authority to override any orders or give his own. The leader of the Army, ChaosKillerX7, receives these orders and is the head of the Council. The orders are then given to the Council Members which are then given to NCOs and from there, down the chain of command.


The DTA initiation is a timeless tradition that originated at the same time the DTA did. There are key elements to the initiation.

  • The traditional 'arrow-in-the-knee' which confirms the subject's life to one filled with guarding and complaining about guarding.
  • The affirmation of loyalty to the ruler of the DreamTeam Army, currently King Twar97.
  • The affirmation of loyalty and contract signing of eternal service^ to the DreamTeam Army.

^does not include contract specifications or clauses

Each initiation is overseen by a Council member and assisted with by a DTA member. If done otherwise, the initiation is not true or legal and status within the DTA will not be recognized.


The current members of the DreamTeam Army are:

  • Holy God-Royal King Twar97
  • Ten Star Brigadier GeneralChaosKillerX7
  • Captain Anlijental
  • Sergeant Wingzaber
  • Sergeant CreamedRogue
  • Sergeant Hiricine
  • Coporal AcesHigh
  • Coporal Defqeb
  • Private First Class Hornet42
  • Private First Class GEPGeckodile
  • Private First Class DeathClawFan
  • Private First Class Dr_BawlznCock
  • Private First Class ElitePencil
  • Private xXTennisPlayaXx
  • Private Deille
  • Private Le_Herp_Le_Derp
  • Private FireFox2217
  • Private milofilo
  • Private QuintonBeck
  • Private Fuzzysgirl
  • Private Tommyyah
  • Private Borrisio
  • Private MyNameIsKaleb
  • Private Sherwood80
  • Private TehCero
  • Private JewishDeathclaw
  • Private CapnKnucklez
  • Private ladypants87
  • Private Tank1941
  • Private CoworkerJoe
  • Private Dovahkiinkickass
  • Private Ak_Th3_Big_E
  • Private ZombifiedSpider
  • Private Boomdoom2
  • Private Chrissy_M_
  • Private ShadowSliver

Hired HelpEdit

Currently, with the server restart of 9/10/12, the DreamTeam Army employs no mercenaries to further its cause.

List of Military InstallationsEdit

  • Fort Destiny (Abandoned/Gone)
  • Fort Valor (Abandoned/Gone)
  • Fort Hellfire (Abandoned/Gone)
  • Fort Temporarily (Abandoned/Gone, Re-activated, used as spawn zone for Ultimum Spiritum de Temporaria)
  • Fort Momentarily (Abandoned/Gone)
  • Fort Judgement (Undergoing Construction)

Notable EventsEdit

  • Siege of Fort Valor
  • Siege of Fort Hellfire
  • Siege of Aura
    2012-08-12 20.51.06

    Siege of Fort Hellfire.

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